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Karen™ Earring Post CZ

Easily Interchange Stones
10 Interchangeable Stones Included

This new earring design, based on our popular original “Karen” ring, is the definition of versatility. It opens up to swap one of its CZ or E’Sperene® stones to change one of its 10 stone colors, depending on your mood, outfit or occasion.

  • 1 E'Sperene® Stone + 9 Cubic Zirconia Stone Sets
  • Rhodium Plated .925 Sterling Silver
  • Two Additional Series of Stones Available (E'Sperene and Birthstone & Beyond)*
  • Includes Custom Earring Box
Expand the options even more when you purchase an additional set of stone colors with one of Karen's compatible stone set series.

Interchangeable 10-Stone Karen Earrings, Original Series: 10 mm in diameter.

*E'Sperene Series: 10 E'Sperene stones. Birthstone & Beyond Series: 12 Cubic Zirconia stones corresponding to tradItional birth month stones.

Designer: Sarah J. Smith and the Sarah's Hope Team

Note: A vein or groove on the backside of the E'Sperene stone is inherent to its composition and is not a defect.

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