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Work With Sarah

Work With Sarah

Sarah has over 30 years combined experience in social entrepreneurship, business consulting, corporate sector, higher education and pastoral work. 

She successfully blended entrepreneurial, corporate, academic and pastoral experiences to found Sarah’s Hope® Jewelry in 2004.  The business is recognized as an innovative social venture and socially-responsible international brand.  Sarah’s Hope Jewelry is a for-profit business funding non-profit organizations addressing domestic and international poverty through micro-finance. Small-business loans and educational programs are provided to women striving to overcome poverty and attain self-sufficiency through small business ownership.

Through SJS Business Enterprises, established in 1996, Sarah applies unique business experiences with a faith-based prophetic approach to provide consulting and advisory services to business executives and their teams as well as to individuals.

As a Certified GrowthWheel® Practitioner, Sarah assists startup and growth companies to make decisions and take action in four key areas that traverse industries and life stages: creating an attractive Business Concept, building a strong Organization behind it, developing lasting Client Relationships, and doing so while maintaining profitable Operations.  This provides a 360° view on business decisions and maps out areas of focus for the client.

Sarah has worked with secular business organizations, Business As Mission (BAM) enterprises, faith-based businesses, not-for-profits, executives, and clergy to identify strategic approaches for business and personal development that are informed by prophetic and spiritual principles.

As a keynote speaker for secular as well as faith-based organizations, Sarah inspires and challenges audiences in the realms of faith and business.  She is also a published author, contributing to scholarly research in the area of homiletics.

Sarah is an ordained pastor and has served in the roles of both church planter and pastor of an established congregation.  She holds a Doctorate of Theology in Homiletics (University of Toronto, Canada), a Master of Theology in Homiletics (Princeton), a Master of Divinity (Southern Seminary) and a Bachelor of Business Administration (University of Wisconsin-Madison).

In her free time, Sarah enjoys all things Swedish, spending time back at her family farms, hosting dinner parties with her husband Mike, experiencing travel adventures that take them near and far, hanging out with their Great Dane “Duke”, and fostering Great Danes as well as furry felines.

To engage Sarah as a speaker, or if you desire to facilitate business and personal development through consultative services, please direct inquires to