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About Tyciala

Shelter for Runaways and Prostitutes
United States
Small Business Training



Even as a child, Tyciala did not have a childhood. Suffering constant familial abuse and trying to survive in Toledo, Ohio, "There was nowhere for me to go; I couldn't get far enough away from the beatings," she said. "I met a pimp. And, one day, I left; I ran."

At age 12, Tyciala was a child prostitute.

After her pimp was arrested, at 14 Tyciala was put in jail, then group homes, then foster care all over the country. After finding several mentors who cared, Tyciala, made it back to Toledo and earned her GED, enrolling in college to study pre-med.

Then Tyciala had a baby at age 18, another at 19. She realized that she did not have the time or financial means necessary for medical school, but continued on as a business major. She wanted to start her own business but did not know how, until she learned about the non-profit ASSETS small business education program which Sarah's Hope Jewelry helps support.

With her lifetime of experience, Tyciala feels she knows the types of programs that work--and those that do not--and has drafted a business plan to open a facility for runaways and prostitutes, as well as do outreach.

Currently 21 and working as a waitress, Tyciala also hopes to be an empowerment speaker. "I have met a lot of really bad people…but I’m here to tell you there is goodness in the world. There is hope. I want to make the whole world feel that," she explained. "We are all broken. Sometimes we just need some help being put back together."