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About Stephanie

Life Couch; Inmate Rehabilitation
United States
Small Business Training


As Stephanie puts it, she is "in the 'people' business". As she explained, "I have worked with all types of people -- from those without GED's to MDs, and one thing remains true: people are people."

Through her non-profit business in Toledo, OH, Abri Family Services, Stephanie provides training and development for people, offering one-on-one and group training in personal development, customer service, life-coaching and more.

After earning a psychology degree and taking Master's degree classes in Criminal Justice, Stephanie also focuses attention on men and women who have been incarcerated to help rehabilitate their lives.

"I teach and train them that, in order to change the direction of their lives, they must receive correct instructions for their lives," explained Stephanie.

Stephanie yearned to take her business to the next level and enrolled in Toledo's nonprofit ASSETS small business training program, which has helped give her the additional tools necessary to enhance and structure her business in the way she desired. In addition, she's written and published a book, "I Know Your Problem and It's Not Your Crime: Understanding the Seasons of Life."

"I hope to assist people in locating their God-given abilities in order to reach their full potential in life; no matter their past experiences," she said.