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About Sah Hay


Thai Vegetable Market
United States
Small Business Training

Sah Hay

Sah Hay, her husband, and two small children, arrived in America in 2010 from a refugee camp in Thailand. Her family fled horrible torture, death and destruction of villages in Burma because they were from the unwanted Karen people group. The family knew no English, nor how to function in a society, having lived in a refugee camp for two decades. A local church decided to sponsor them, and found them a house, jobs, and schools.

A hard worker, Sah Hay has a strong desire to give back to the country that accepted her and her family. She studied hard and now speaks English very well. A member of the church saw her potential and ordered seeds from Asia to start a garden. After two years, the produce is in high demand in the Asian markets in the cities of Lancaster, PA and Philadelphia. Sah Hay, along with the man who ordered the seeds, graduated from the ASSETS nonprofit small business education program in Lancaster, which Sarah’s Hope Jewelry helps support.

"My garden has given me a new purpose in a new country. I feel it is a gift from God," Sah Hay explained.